Saturday, 25 June 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 Task to become 1st Queen, 25th June

Posted by Romit Roy
Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha's Love based Television reality show MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 Kick Started Last Week and Now its time for Episode 3 of 25th June where It's Going to be the Announcement of First Queen of MTV Splitsvilla 9. Who is going to be a Queen among the 6 Princesses Girl would be really interesting to see.


Apart from This Abhishek Announced as Unsafe and is into Dumping zone. Girls has the Power to Eliminated the Boys as Season 9 has Theme, 'Where Women Rule'. There is no Power given to boy and every boy has to Impresses Girls to win some Trust and which in turn can stay longer into villa.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Task, Dumping Ground, Book of Fortune (25th June)

MTV Splitsvilla 9 1st Queen - First Queen of MTV Splitsvilla 9 will be revealed after the 25th June Episode Power packed Task.

After the First Task it's Time for the Dumping Ground when on of the Boys going to Dumped out from Villa

Later Book of Fortune to be Opened and Brings some Surprises and Turns in Season 9.

All the 6 Girls Performed super Strong and Power Packed to get the Throne Seat. All the Hotties giving Solid competition to each other and it created History in Splitsvilla. Here is the Video Glimpse of Episode 3. when There was lots of Fun, Masti, Drama and Fights among the villa with show hosts sunny and Rannvijay. Enjoy !

Panasonic MTV Splitsvilla 9 - Ep 3 & 4 – Sneak Peek : Watch the girls fight it out this week in their race to become the first Queen

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 25, 19th June, Finale Results, Winner

Posted by Romit Roy
MTV Roadies X4 Grand Finale Results, Winner Name (Episode 25), 19th June 2016: In Last Episode of MTV Roadies X4 it Was the River Rafting Task where contestants had hard time along with gang leaders Neha Dhupia, Rannvijay Singha, Karan Kundra and Prince Narula. Now its time for the Grand Finale Episode where Two Finalists already been Announced. Here is the MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 25 (Episode 24 Infact) with Video Written Updates.

Roadies x4 Grand Finale Task

MTV Roadies X4 Grand Finale Episode 25, Video Written Updates, Tasks

Gang Leaders, Roadies Finalists and Ex-Roadies Contestants sets to the Finale Battle Ground of Roadies X4. Show host Disclosed on of the Ex-Roadies Going to get the Chance for Grand Finale and they have to choose the one from team. Gaurav from Team Karan Kundra Joined the Finalists Contestants Navdeesh (Team Prince Narula) and Balraj (Karan Kundra Gang)

Roadies x4 Finalists - After the Power Packed Journey Three Contestants came out into the Grand Finale. They are Navdeesh, Gaurav and Balraj..

Balraj, Navi, Gaurav Finalists of Roadies X4
It was Power Packed Task among the Three Roadies x4 Contestants Finalists Navdeesh, Balraj and Gaurav. Balraj and Gaurav from Team Karan Kundra Nailed it Totally and crushed it very fast. Navdeesh took more time compared to others.

Gaurav took -55 Seconds 35 Milliseconds
Balraj took -51 seconds, 71 milliseconds
Navdeesh took - 53 seconds 79 milliseconds


Balraj (Team Karan Kundra) is Winner of Roadies X4

Navdeesh is First Runner Up and Gaurav is Second Runner Up.

Winner Prince - Renault Duster of His team.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Winner Name: Leaked News, It's Not Official

Posted by Romit Roy
MTV Roadies X4 now reached to the End Journey and Now its Gonna be Finale among the Selected Finalists contestants. Earlier to the Grand Finale Episode there are Rumored news Started taking rounds onto the Web is about the Leaked Winner Name.

balraj singh
Roadies X4 Ultimate King Balraj Singh - Leaked as Winner
Its Been Reportedly Noted that Balraj from Team Karan Kundra won the Grand Finale tough War and makes feel proud about his Achievement. It's Just the Rumored talk Started Spreading online onto the Web and there is no Official news.

Navdeesh, Balraj already into the Grand Finale and One from the Team of Ex-Roadies will be selected for Grand Finale Episode. Stay Tuned to Catch about the Grand Finale Results on upcoming Weekend Episode.

Also See - MTV Roadies X4 Contestants in Gang (Separated in Gang)

Stay Tuned to Catch the More Awesome and Quality news about Roadies X4. Enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Last Episode when Team Rannvijay, Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia and Karan Kundra had tough time and lots of thrill to make their gang leader safe.
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Saturday, 11 June 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 24, 12th June, Task, Vote Out, Elimination

Posted by Romit Roy
Last Day it was not the Episode of Roadies X4 because of Grand Start of MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 and now Here is the Weekend, Sunday (12th June 2016) where you are gonna catch the MTV Roadies X4 Episode 24 (It's Episode 23 Infact) where its gonna be more Power Packed Journey with More thriller and Breath Taking Tasks like never before. Again its Gonna be Elimination / Vote out as always. Watch Full Episode 24 with Video Written updates.

Karishma fall down while River Rafting Task.
Rannvijay Singha Lots Two Strong Contestants Rubal and Tarasha last time from his gang and now its time for the Tasks to get into the Semi-Finale. Show host called back Eliminated Contestants and they are given second chance to prove themselves. Its Perfect decision to hunt the Real Roadies of year 2016.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 24 (23) Video Written Updates of 12th June

It was Started When Neha was Worried to select one from Satish and Navdeesh. Later it was the Vote Out Happend to select who going to Eliminated among the Two Satish and Navdeesh. Finally based on Votes of Judges Navdeesh has been saved but Passion of Real roadies Stilling flaunting in Satish's Heart. He shown again his marvelous stunt just like his Audition time. Satish Eliminated but Later Host called Ex-Roadies and Satish Joined the Team.

Later It was the River Rafting Task among the Contestant to get entry into the Finale. Balraj (Team Karan), Anamika (Team Prince), Divya (Team Neha), Karishma (Team Rannvijay) and Navdeesh (Prince Narula Gang) performed the Task.

Karishma lost her Balance while task and fall down in River. Rannvijay singha Saved her. Karishma Finally lost the Task.

Everyone Saluted Rannvijay and Tej For Saving Karishma

River Rafting Semi Finale Task Results -

Balraj - 7 minutes 53 Seconds
Anamika - 10 minutes 6 Seconds
Divya - 11 minutes 20 Seconds
Navdeesh - 7 Minutes 34 Seconds

So Navdeesh and Balraj becomes Roadies x4 Finalists.

Divya Anamika Lost,Eliminated and Joined Ex Gang Members.

Show Host disclosed that from Ex-Roadies One Going to get Second Chance.

Watch How Karishma (Team Rannvijay) Fall down in River while Performing River Rafting Task. See Video when Karishma drowning and Rannvijay Saved her.

Show Host Welcomed Eliminated Roadies to give them Second Chance.
Neha Dhupia had Tough Time to take decision among the contestant and to pick the one for finale. She was literally crying and made the Emotional moments.
Karishma drowning during the River Rafting Task and Rannvijay Saved her.
Later it was the Hill Climbing Task when Balraj nailed it totally and Doing like Wild Gorilla.
Don't Miss MTV Roadies X4 Every Weekend at 7 PM. Watch MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 24 on Voot Official Site.
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Friday, 10 June 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 23 on 12th June, Its Splitsvilla 9 Today

Posted by Romit Roy
Here is an Update to all the MTV Roadies x4 Fans that Today on 11th June There will not be Any Episode of Roadies X4 as Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone's Show MTV Splitsvilla 9 hits the Same Channel on same day. You can Enjoy the Sneak Peeks of Episode below. Full Episode 23 will be Aired Tomorrow on 12th June.


In Last Episode we have seen the Elimination of the Contestants from Rannvijay Singh Singha's Gang and now its going to happen the Re-Entry of the Eliminated contestants. As they are Given another chance to prove themselves.

11th June 2016 - No Roadies Episode, It's Splitsvilla 9 Today, Enjoy !!!

Watch MTV Roadies X4 Episode 23 (12th June) Sneak Peeks, Hope you Guys Enjoying Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha's Splitsvilla 9 Grand Opening Episode. Don't Miss Roadies X4 Episode 23 Tomorrow on 12th June. Watch Sneak Peek Video Updates of the Semi-Finale Episode 23 when Contestants and Gang Leaders have tought Time Together.

Also See How Karishma (Team Rannvijay) Fall down in River while Performing River Rafting Task. See Video when Karishma drowning and Rannvijay Saved her.

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 22, Tasks, Surprises, 5th June 2016

Posted by Romit Roy
At last we have seen Three Contestants from Team Rannvijay, Neha and Prince entered direct to the Semi Finale and two contestants Gaurav and Benafsa evicted from team Karan. Again its time for the Power Packed breathtaking tasks for the contestants. They have thrill and fear like never before in roadies. Enjoy Full Episode in HD with Video written updates on 5th June 2016.

gang leaders
Roadies X4 Gang Leaders
Gaelyn unveiled about the Task when gang members have the do or die situation. Team Karan, Neha, Raanivijay and Karan giving their best to make their gang member winner of the Roadies X4 but at the end its gonna be only one winner based on the Performances in the remaining tasks.

MTV Roadies X4 Coffin Task, Elimination, Semi Finalists (5th June) Video Written Updates

Roadies X4 episode 22 started with the Scroll buzz to all the members. They are called for the thriller breathtaking task. It was the Coffin Task. Girls and Boys have to do Task in Pairs. Who lost the Game at the Fourth Position have to Go Home.

Divya-Satish, Navdeesh-Anamika, Karishma-Balraj, Rubal-Tarasha paired for the Task.

Girls have to sleep inside the Coffin box and have to solve the Questions with collaboration with Partner. It was Interesting thriller task to get entry into the Semi Finale.

Navdeesh-Anamika took 13 minutes 3 seconds Time to complete
Divya-Satish took 12 minutes Time
Karishma-Balraj took 10 minutes 30 seconds Time

Rubal and Tarasha failed to complete the Task because of the careless of Rubal and as per the Rules they both have to go home.

Semi Finalists - Karishma-Balraj Got entry into the Semi Finale.

tarasha rubal
Tarasha-Rubal Evicted from Roadies x4
MTV Roadies x4 5th June who is eliminated - Rubal-Tarasha Eliminated from Roadies x4

Stay Tuned to this Page to catch who is Eliminated, What are the Tasks and On the Go Roadies X4 Surprises. Watch MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 22 of 5th June with video Written updates.

Don't Miss MTV Roadies X4 Saturday-Sunday 7 PM On MTV India Channel.

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Friday, 3 June 2016

4th June, MTV Roadies X4 Episode 21, Semi Finale Tasks, Vote Out

Posted by Romit Roy
In MTV Roadies X4 last Episode interesting contestants Saad and Hifsa eliminated after the Tasks and Balraj and Tarasa made their enty back into Roadies X4 Journey. Now Its time of Tasks when winner will get direct entry into the Semi Finale. Watch MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode of 4th June, Episode 21 Tasks and more.

Show Host Disclosed about the next Power Packed Task when all the Gang Leaders Neha, Karan, Rannvijay and Prince Tried their best to lead their gang members into the MTV Roadies X4 Semi Finale. It was thriller journey of Roadies X4 like never before.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 21, Tasks, Elimination, Video Written Updates

Show Started with the Vote Out Process among the Three Unsafe Teams (Prince, Karan, Neha) and Rannvijay has power to save one from one of the team. Rannvijay Saved Navdeesh from Team Prince Narula.

Next was the Open Vote Our Process

Gaurav (Team Karan Kundra) received maximum vote out requests and eliminated from Show.

Next was the Task to get Direct Entry into the Semi Finale

Semi Finale Entry Control Task - 

Gang Leaders have to select one from their team for the Task in Cage.

Neha selected - divya
Karan selected - benafsa
Rannvijay selected -karishma
Prince selected - Anamika

It was the Task in Cage. Where Girls have to Stand upon the Drum inside the Cage and control themselves to stay on the Drum. Girls are Given Hand support only to balance themselves on the Drum. Meanwhile other Gang members tries to attack and forces from outside the cage to imbalance the Contestant in Cage. It was interesting thriller task.

Divya, Karishma and Anamika Stands more than one minute and Saved themselves from Elimination. Beanfsa lost it as she stand only for 13 seconds and Eliminated from show.

4th June Elimination, Voted Out Contestants - Gaurav, Beanfsa  (Team Karan Kundra) evicted

gaurav benafsa
Gaurav, Benafsa (Team Karan) Eliminated from Roadies X4

Later it was the task when contestants have to face the fear of Death. Its How Roadies X4 sets new Hight of Thrill and Fear.

Watch Online MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 21 to know What Happened after the Task, What was the Roadies X4 Turning Point and who faces the Elimination Vote Out Process. Don't Miss MTV Roadies X4 every Saturday, Sunday 7 PM on MTV India.

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